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Skull Vision unleashes a compilation of monsters


Start your engines with Perception, the latest iteration of Skull Vision featuring a handful of talented artists in the making.

Skull Vision is a Maryland-based label that has recently emerged on the scene and seeks to shed light on different styles in bass music ranging from more experimental sounds to heavier dubstep sounds. The imprint has continued by releasing tracks from rising artists that bring something completely new to the table, many of which are hidden gems you just have to hear for yourself. It’s an outlet you absolutely want to keep your eyes and ears on, and what better way to do it than with a brand new compilation, Perception, it’s full of talent!

Perception is a collection of eight tracks from talented entities that deserve their sound to be heard – and what makes this version even better is the multitude of genres packed into it. AUSTERIA explains what she knows best with her hard-hitting track, while ANOXEX changes it with a thick and wobbly melody. Other artists in the compilation include ROYALFLU $ H, Hübac, and Jebanski. These visionaries must be on your radar, great things are in front of each of them.

Everyone featured on this compilation is just another reminder of why supporting the underground is so important. Some highlights of Perception were those of ANOXEX “DYSTOPIA, “from ROYALFLU $ H”MONTANA“and last but not least, that of Jebanski”Ting Tickler. “Each brought unbeatable energy and frequencies that you want to listen to over and over again. These passionate, limit-pushing artists are going to take over the stage soon, so be sure to follow them and Skull Vision!

Flux Perception on SoundCloud and let us know which song you felt the most in the comments!

Vision of the Skull en streaming – Perception on SoundCloud:

Vision of the skull – Perception – List of tracks:

  3. Hübac – Robotika
  4. Jebanski – Ting Tickler
  5. Mxdelo – DIRTY TEXAS SODA [VIP]
  6. Nolweez – DUPPS
  8. WEJJPLAY – Cyber ​​Adrenaline
perception - vision of the skull

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