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Song You Need: The strange electronic rock of Miss Grit’s “Follow The Cyborg”

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Since their debut in 2019 with the EP speak speak, Miss Grit’s ability to bring a raw, cerebral sensibility to electronic pop music has grown exponentially. Based in New York, Korean-American born musician Margaret Sohn will release her debut album Follow the cyborg on February 24 via Mute. Today they give us another glimpse of their exciting progression with the album’s title track.

“Follow the Cyborg” has Laurie Anderson’s shimmering, dryly dazzling flair and Robyn’s urgent dancefloor throbs, tied together by a fiery knot of muddy guitar riffs. It’s a song designed to be felt deep within his bodily form, a stark contrast to his lyrics, which take on the rambling style of a robot who learned English through fashion magazines. “Cause I was born to pose,” they sing, “Oh, I was born with clothes / I’m a living girl / A real living girl / Your real living girl.”

Superficiality soon gives way to more positive ruminations: loneliness, gender identity, and the soul are some of the themes, and at times, it feels like a spambot in existential crisis. It’s easier – and in some ways more appealing – than ever to feel like an automaton; on “Follow the Cyborg”, Miss Grit searches for life in strange places and returns with a gem as bright as a disco ball that goes supernova.

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