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SoundCloud Announces Creative Projects From This Year’s Featured “First On SoundCloud” Artists


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Marking the culmination of the First on SoundCloud 2021 Artist Accelerator Program, SoundCloud today announced the full list of landmark creative projects from featured artists: Otis Kane, Charmaine, Payday, Lourdiz, Ela Minus, Sofia Mills, Kid Quill and Pa Salieu. From the very first live performances to passionate projects, each authentic and professional moment is co-produced by the artists and inspired by their unique creative journey.

The lineup kicks off with a performance by star producer-turned-singer-songwriter Otis Kane in Los Angeles on September 24. Supported by his entire band, Otis will perform tracks from his recently released debut album Purple BLUE, which includes his powerful opus “Run”, inspired by the wave of global youth opposing social injustice. In addition, Otis will perform a new unreleased single, “Every Word”, which will be released on the day of the event. During the evening, Otis will be joined by poet Tyris Winters and the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir.

Commenting on the project he co-created with SoundCloud, Otis Kane said, “I am so excited to bring Purple BLUE to life for an amazing intimate group of friends and family. I want this performance not only to bring people into my world, but also to underline my belief in empowering the next generation of designers and professionals to live their dreams and shape the future as they see it. Super grateful to SoundCloud and the ‘First On SoundCloud’ program for hosting this event. It will certainly be an unforgettable memory!

The full line of First On SoundCloud creative projects includes:

Charmaine: Known for her iconic nail art, Charmaine will host a unique pop-up experience for fans in her hometown of Toronto. The pop-up event will launch an original set of nail designs created in collaboration with her personal nail artist and inspired by her upcoming single and music video, “BBM (Bad Bitch Mentality)”. Guests who RSVP will be able to reserve a time slot to experience an exclusive manicure and attend an exclusive world premiere of “BBM (Bad Bitch Mentality)” before it drops.

Payday: Following the release of his latest mixtape “Rap In a Can” scheduled for Friday (September 24), the genre-defying artist brings together his two passions – music and skating – for his first-ever fan event in his hometown of Los Angeles. Hosted in his favorite local skate park, this one-of-a-kind fan experience unites his community of family, friends and fans with a soundtrack by a live DJ and special gifts for fans.

Ela Minus: The Colombian-born electronic music soundscaper will stage her first major immersive art installation, influenced by her acclaimed LP Acts of Rebellion. In collaboration with visual artist Zach Lieberman, fans will be immersed in a visual universe inspired by his album including mapping projections, light installations and a very special surprise.

Sofia Mills: The indie-pop singer-songwriter will release her very first music video for an upcoming new track in collaboration with award-winning director Christina Xing.

Child’s feather: Newly released from the Lollapalooza stage, rapper Kid Quill’s next LP is on its way to 2022 and he has selected a production team to create an epic music video for the first track to be released later this year.

Lourdiz: Singer, songwriter and producer Lourdiz will turn heads with a series of her very first billboards in Los Angeles and key markets, including her hometown of San Antonio, to promote her latest single released this Friday (9/24) “Get Along” feat. Shensee.

Pa Salieu: Rising Gambian-British rapper Pa Salieu will collaborate on a special project to reach fans around the world with details to be announced shortly.

SoFaygo: Atlanta rapper SoFaygo gave his very first sold-out live performance this summer for fans in his hometown.

“For an aspiring artist, carrying out a career development project like a very first live show, fan event or music video is an essential step, opening up new avenues of promotion and helping them to strengthen connecting with their fans from day one while reaching larger audiences and new fan bases, ”said Leon Sherman, Editorial Director, SoundCloud. “Putting the strength of the SoundCloud platform and the support of world-class artists behind these defining moments is at the heart of First on SoundCloud’s acceleration program and we are honored to be able to collaborate with each artist and their teams to give life to each of their dream projects. . “

Launched earlier this year, the First on SoundCloud Acceleration Program focuses on a dedicated investment in co-creating each artist’s early career milestones to contribute to their long-term success. Throughout the year, First on SoundCloud not only provided artists with the opportunity to build their own early careers, but it was also a catalyst for many other career change experiences, including the live soundscapes of ‘Ela Minus performed at the Chanel fashion show in Paris. Fashion Week and Kid Quill adorning the Lollapalooza stage. First on SoundCloud has been a platform for invaluable new connections, early sync offerings, and featured collaborations for the 2021 Featured Artist Class.

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