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Space Race & GAINCHANGER Remix “Drifting Away”

space race and GAIN CHANGER arrive today with a brand new remix of Scafetta and Grisly’s original”Derivative” and it sets the tone for 2022.

Wasting no time capturing the energy of their rendition, “Drifting Away” is packed with exploratory sounds, synths, and levels of energy. Looping through trippy riddim-based moments, along with tantalizing bass lines, “Drifting Away” is a flashy showcase of the kind of thrilling work these two creative minds produce time after time. This isn’t the first time these guys have worked together, and I hope it won’t be the last. With a beastly remix under their belt to kick off 2022, the year looks promising for more surprises to come.

Space Race is best known for his dazzling musical talents on and off stage. His bass catalog repertoire includes a slew of originals like “Akira” and “Lightspeed” with AWAL, label releases like “Slay” with Tetrix Bass on Buygore, and stellar remixes like Fox’s “Miss You.” Stevenson, The Chainsmokers’ and Illenium’s “Takeaway” are among many others in his universal collection.

Joseph Goodman is a 29-year-old music producer from San Diego. While playing in metal bands in high school and dabbling in indie rock, he started churning out hip hop beats in 2006, and it was a few years later that he discovered EDM with deadmau5 , Justice, Pendulum, Nero and of course Skrillex shortly. afterwards, and found his true calling in electronic music production and DJing.