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Space Yacht is making waves with ‘Big Bass Ting Vol. 3’

Big Bass Ting Vol. 3 sees Space Yacht curating 13 powerful tracks from burgeoning bass artists to showcase the next era of the scene.

Los Angeles-based party collective space yacht has blasted a wave of impressive tracks since launching his label two years ago. Output of compilations such as Tech my house, Critical mass, A sequence in timeand sturdy house, has only made the growing discography even more impressive. Those who love all things bass flocked to their Big Bass Ting series, and now the third volume has arrived with pieces that you will easily break your neck.

Big Bass Ting Vol. 3 features up-and-coming artists from the bass scene who are helping to shape the future. Kozmoz, IMANand BERNZIKIAL are just a glimpse of the talent that created the tracks for the latest edition, and there’s plenty to explore. Songs like “Depth perception” by BrunchBeatz and Izadi haunt their hearts and propel you into murky bass waters with the supersonic sounds of dubstep. Others, like “Spyro Funk” by SQISHIblend old and new sounds in the bass realm while blasting listeners like a fire-breathing dragon.

Another star is “Lost” by Dr Ushuu and Woodwhich features futuristic beats, and while you’re on a sonic journey, the combination of Blaise, Blvkstnand Emorfik on “Hold on” will really stop you in place. Right after that, the marching rhythms of “ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT” of Comatic and Greedy will take you forward into the depths of the night.

The cooperation of Viperactive and BVNI on “Flight“features a robust bassline and front drum pattern”Explode like” of Kleopatra soothes the soul with its deeper vibrations. D3vinity‘s”Wake up“is thick with low vibrational bounce that pulls you into the murky abyss of front wavelengths”Impossible” by HER and Baerli will set you on your way for a smooth ride.

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Big Bass Ting Vol. 3 – List of tracks:

  1. BrunchBeatz, Izadi – Depth Perception
  2. SQUISHI – Skyro Funk
  3. Dr. Ushuu, Wodd – Lost
  4. Blaize, Blvkstn, Emorfik – Hold Up
  5. Cromatik, SweetTooth – Active Decvy
  6. Viperactive, BVNISHED – Heist
  7. Cleopatra – Blast Like
  8. BERNZIKIAL – Refusal
  9. Kozmoz – Body Spasm (Fuck You and Get Fucked)
  10. D3vinity – Wake Up
  11. SA, Baerli – Impossible
  12. IMAN – Like this
  13. Lv3l – Outkhasts
Space Yacht - Big Bass Ting Vol.  3

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