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Start your musical career with MOPLAY Smart Drum! Here’s what makes it different


The smart drum or electronic drum kit is more advanced than the conventional version of the instrument. Unlike smart drums, traditional drum kits are much larger because they use wooden shells, metal cymbals, and wooden snares.

Due to these components, acoustic models usually take up a lot of space, requiring aspiring or professional musicians to have a large room that can house their conventional instrument kit.

Meanwhile, electric drums are much more portable as they only have mesh, rubber, or plastic pads for the drum heads. However, the sound could still have some problems since these electric models have components relayed by a sound module and an amplifier or headphones.

At the moment, professional drummers still prefer to use acoustic drummers because they produce the exact sound they want to record. On the other hand, past massive gigs also rely on conventional drum kits instead of electronics.

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Choosing the best smart drum kit

For starters, the best option you can choose at the moment is the smart drum version. Why? Because most people are currently stuck in their homes, as music studios are generally closed due to restrictions implemented to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

But, before choosing your own smart drum kit, you should consider these factors so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs as you learn how to become a professional drummer:

  • Check the thickness or fineness of the cymbals. The best electronic drum kits feature thinner cymbals, allowing you to have a more realistic drum experience.
  • Always check the sound quality before purchasing the electronic drums. Some brands offer sound options and more volume control compared to other kits.
  • Besides the two factors mentioned above, you should also check if the drum kit requires a lot of wiring. Remember that you are purchasing an electronic drum kit to save more space. If it needs more wires to function, there’s a good chance you and your family will trip over it.

MOPLAY Smart Drum as your best option!

Right now, most brands of electric batteries cost between $ 800 and $ 1,000 per kit. For a beginner, this is a prohibitive price to pay. If you want to have the best drum experience at a cheap price then Smart Drum D3 from MOPLAY.

Here are some major reasons why this smart drum kit is a must-have for professional and amateur drummers:

You can have the same fun experience that professional drum kits offer at a very low price.

Starting at $ 549, you can already have your own MOPLAY smart drum kit. You can really expect a great battery experience since the manufacturer has collected more data and real product reviews from customer reviews to make their product even better.

MOPLAY allows you to practice drum learning activities while having fun since the D3 model is based on a rhythm game.

Expect a learning-based drum playing experience for beginners!

MOPLAY Smart Drum D3 is considered a beginner’s drum. If you have played “Guitar Heroes” or other similar musical games before, you can compare their playing style to them. It has simple mechanics that make it easy for beginners to follow each song.

Start your musical career with MOPLAY Smart Drum!  Here's what makes it different

(Photo: MOPLAY)

With the MOPLAY Smart Drums app and the sturdy tablet stand, you can use your gadget to see the songs you play in the rhythm game. At the moment, its app is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices.

The drum set also features ten new songs each month. Here are the songs available recently in August. You can also click on this link to see other songs available in recent months.

  • Guns N ‘Roses-Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
  • Kim Gun Mo-Seoul Moon
  • Biuret-Lie
  • The Cranberries-Dreams
  • Imagine Dragons-Believers
  • Morten Harket – I can’t take my eyes off you
  • Beyoncé-Listen
  • ç±³ æ´¥ 玄 師 (Yonezu Kenshi) – 春雷 Shunrai
  • Jaurim-twenty-five, twenty-one

MOPLAY’s drum play technology can easily adapt to tight spaces.

Thanks to the portable design of the MOPLAY Smart Drum D3, you can easily place it upright in your room without having to remove your furniture. All you have to do is free up 47.24 “X 47.24” space and you can already place your new drum kit.

Start your musical career with MOPLAY Smart Drum!  Here's what makes it different

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If you’re worried that he’ll shake every time you try to hit the right notes, you don’t have to worry about a thing. MOPLAY made sure that its specialized percussion mats could absorb the vibrations of the drums. Thanks to this innovation, your kit based on the drum set would undoubtedly be stabilized.

MOPLAY Smart Drum D3 lets you play quietly at night.

One of the frustrating things about drums is playing at night, because you can wake up your mom, dad, and siblings if you hit those snares and drums too hard.

Start your musical career with Smart Drum from MOPLAY!  Here's what makes it different

(Photo: MOPLAY)

But, MOPLAY wants to make sure that its consumers can use its smart drum kit at all times. The electronic drums The kit comes with headphones, allowing you to play all of your favorite songs without having to worry about noise complaints.

Expect realistic drum sound quality.

The new MOPLAY Smart Drum D3 offers satisfying sound quality thanks to its high-end mesh pads and drums. . There is also a built-in balanced sound function for cymbals.

On the other hand, it also has real acoustic drum pedals, which brings another level of precision in the vibrations. It can also provide a more realistic immersive experience.

Start your musical career with MOPLAY Smart Drum!  Here's what makes it different

(Photo: MOPLAY)

In addition to the advantages you can have, here are the strengths of MOPLAY against its competitors:

  • If you use the supplied headphones, you can enjoy the battery anywhere without worrying about noise pollution.

  • Ten new songs are updated every month so that you can enjoy recent performances.

  • It is offered at a low price despite a good sense of typing using a mesh pad.

  • There is an interactive lesson (7 languages ​​provided), so you can practice from basic drum rhythms to high level fills.

On the other hand, here are the inclusions of the new MOPLAY Smart Drum D3:

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