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SVDKO, Adrobski and Harvey start in open waters

Fresh off his single “Wild”, Belgium-based producer and guitarist SVDKO is back with what might be one of his most exciting collabs yet, teaming up with French talent Adrobsky and Denver-based singer-songwriter Harvey to share “open waters.” Independently, “Open Waters” is a true statement track that masterfully brings together the respective styles of the three musicians in a heavenly blend of experimental electronic music.

SVDKO’s guitar riffs and hard-hitting percussion complement Adrobski’s cutting-edge production style, creating the perfect aural bed for Harvey’s ethereal vocal lines to shine. As she sings with passion to find true love and solace in her partner, the instrumental slowly turns into a cataclysm of gritty vocals, distorted bass and wobbly synth work. “Open Waters” is a truly powerful piece of electronic music, and a single that will undoubtedly be a monumental part of each of the three artists’ discographies.

“This song came about while I was experimenting with harmonies on my guitar. I found the main melodies which immediately inspired me to establish this slowly evolving structure. Harvey completely understood what I was looking for and recorded this first line in a few days – “It started with me trying my best to explain to my partner what it feels like to be in love with them” Adrobski came on a few months later to add heavier, experimental elements that blended perfectly with the vibe of the song,” SVDKO reveals about the story behind “Open Waters.”