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Take a trip to Greece with Minus & Zianos

Greek duo Minus & Zianos give us a taste of the house sounds currently permeating the Mediterranean country.

Minus and Zianos might be a new duo on the production side of the dance music spectrum, but their legacy in the scene runs deep in Greece. The two artists discovered their shared passion for the deeper sounds of house and techno in 2009, and soon after, they started exchanging ideas and hitting the stage together. This has led Minus & Zianos to organize local residencies and guest nights in Thessaloniki over the past decade, while the duo have also begun to settle in Berlin.

More recently, however, Minus & Zianos have expanded their sound offering by debuting on Steve Bug’s pokerplat subtag, Sublettingwith a dubbed EP Dedication. This house EP features deep yet funky elements in both of its tracks, “Dedication” and “Grooveas the duo sought to moodtrax to round out the collection with a remix of its title track.

As the dance music scene continues to recover around the world, Minus & Zianos shared that their local community in Greece has revived. “The past two years have been tough for culture as well as for the global stage, not to mention a country that already had a tough job reaching dance culture to a wider audience,” the duo said. .

Minus & Zianos also gave us a taste of the scene in Greece beyond notable destinations like Mykonos. “Some big festivals are organized in Greece, like the Reworks Festival organized by the NON team in various big spaces in Thessaloniki,” they said. “[It] is the main dance event here in Greece once a year and features respected foreign artists as well as local artists who have the chance to present something new every year.

Local artists here in Greece, mostly in the last 5-10 years, present well-curated musical productions on respected labels and have many appearances abroad, giving them the chance to bring back interesting new ideas and to develop the scene in Greece even Suite.

Minus and Zianos

Live events aren’t the only important aspect of the scene, as rebuilding culture and helping to grow artists is also crucial. Minus & Zianos, as well as new artists rising through the ranks of the Greek scene, have sought out new spaces and created new ones in their efforts to exchange ideas with others. “Thanks to this need to exchange ideas, certain spots are offered to us, managed by respected artists and people who represent the country abroad, where workshops, conversations, musical productions, etc., are organized “, they said. “One of these projects, named ‘Thema Project’, is taking place in Thessaloniki.”

To help highlight the scene in Thessaloniki and Greece as a whole, Minus & Zianos have created an exclusive mix filled with stunning tracks to help you get in the groove this week. Listen to the mix on SoundCloud, download or stream it Dedication PE on your favorite platformand stay tuned for more from this dynamic duo.

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