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Takis Releases Debut EP Profound ‘Season 1: Welcome Home’


Canadian DJ / producer Takis is a booming creator to watch, who always amazes listeners with his unique musical endeavors. Passionate about music from a young age, Takis’ artistic vision came to life after attending his first electronic dance music festival. “I will never forget to see the energy that this music created”, explains Takis. “I knew right away that I wanted to merge the music that I loved growing up with the energy and “feeling” that dance music gave me. Going to this festival changed my life forever.

Since then, Takis knew that every experience in life before this moment was enough to put together a beautifully composed musical compilation. His story, his memories, his trials, his feelings, all of this led to his first EP, Season 1: Welcome Home, now available via Armada Music. In essence, Takis’ latest project is simply an embodiment of how his past ironically shaped his future, and is an inspiring masterpiece that features a plethora of other budding, like-minded creators who can attest to. of a similar education.

“The day I started making music, I had a confusing love-hate relationship with my hometown that I couldn’t shake. I felt like I was on my own in this, but when I started working with other artists I realized that they all had their own story from their upbringing and everyone wanted to become his own person. That’s what this album and career chapter means to me, and I hope to move forward with each season to show my growth and allow my fans to be a part of an evolving story. -Takis

Heartfelt 6-Track EP is Full of Music Industry Favorites like Grammy Winners Ant Clemons and Kingdom of Allan, as well as other Canadian pillars such as Shaun frank, Good grace, Jamie Good and Always never. From beginning to end, Season 1: Welcome Home combines authentic storytelling with unmatched production tactics, showcasing Takis’ musical expertise in the most alluring way. From the difficulty comes enlightenment, and Takis’ six deep tracks on the stellar EP symbolize this outright concept. Season 1: Welcome Home is a place of acceptance, full of melodies and lyrics that any music lover can easily testify to.

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