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The 10 strangest lighthouses to ever shine


Headlights are an incredibly simple part of an otherwise complex and complicated machine, so when most designers get to this part, they’re shocked at a lack of restrictions like safety or weight distribution and hence every now and then. , they screw it up royally. To add to the confusion between “artistic expression” and “character” of a car, the retractable headlight rolled up, created space for crazy ideas.

He left almost as fast to “pedestrian safety” reasons and left a void in the world of automotive design. You might notice that most of these cars are from that time when executives and designers stood like deer in the headlights (heh) and waited for each other to try things out first. Even in modern cars there are lights that just shouldn’t exist!

Porsche 928

1978 Porsche 928

In the height of the pop-up era, the affordable 928 set out to reinvent the already licensed pop-up. The result was two chrome ice cream cones that remained exposed to the elements all day, then appeared the wrong way round to glow at night. Although they look oddly out of place, the headlights remained from 1977 to 1995.

Porsche 928 - 7

Via auto-data.net

Now there are specialty replacements that really let you enjoy the simple yet stylish 928’s non-Porsche look. Therefore, these lights are on eBay for a dime, and someone is unlikely to pick them up too quickly.

Oldsmobile toronado

Oldsmobile Toroado Hidden Headlights Worst Ugliest V6 V8 1980s 86 84 1985


These days, fans drag their heels around whenever they see what looks like an air intake or part of a grill, but isn’t. In a surprisingly futuristic gesture, Oldsmobile said “Damn the headlights!” and stretched the grill all the way. Unfortunately for them, we are not bats.

Headlights 1986 Oldsmobile Toronado On open new look ugliest headlights set new


The full-length grille had to be shattered with visible slits and obvious fake panels to make way for the square four-eyed headlights which were staggered and unattractive in daylight, so much so that it took us a good couple of hours. to find you a photo (above). Despite this, the shifter was a Batmobile style grip connected on both sides.

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Cizeta V16T

Cizeta V16T red countach lamborghini lookalike looks like the best car 4 headlights pop up supercar of the 80s


You might have seen what looks like a four-eyed Lamborghini Countach and thought it was a no-fun Photoshop joke, but it isn’t. The Cizeta (Moroder) V16T was not made in the early 80s but arrived between 1991 and 1995. The Italian car was a collaboration between famous designer Marcello Gandini and … a musician? Giorgio Moroder is said to be the father of disco and also of modern electronic dance music.

The Cizeta V16T featured a striking combination of 4 retractable headlights.

Via: organized

Marcello said in an interview that his designs are made for the sake of the car, not the viewer. Thus, the quadruple pop-up was born! Although many cannot even sit in the driver’s seat, the actual result of the purely practical sports car was impressive during the day. As the numbers indicate, this was a 6.0L V-16 Turbo from Lamborghini.

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Fiat Multipla

Front 3/4 view of the Multipla in silver


The Multipla has long secured its place on the ugliest car list, you might have seen it before, but now we’re bringing your attention to the headlights … (sorry). You might think the top ones near the windshield were high beams, or maybe the lower ones are fog lights? Unfortunately no. Each is equivalent to daytime running lights and pilot lights, just turning down for fog.

Fiat Multipla on bends

Pushed to write

Maybe it was a symbolic indication of how the two-row SUV can accommodate three people in each row, or maybe it was a joke that was sent to production by accident, but the little dots headlights really seal the deal on all of the crushed jellyfish see.

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Citroën Ami 6

via retrolegends.com

The lines around and leading to it are just as important as the headlights. Looking at this car, we get the feeling that the designer wanted to be “different” and therefore made a window that was tilted the wrong way and stuck with that look to the grave. This and the Ford Taunus P3 tied for the first oblong, non-circular headlight design on a production car.

Citroen Ami 6 design first round oblong rectangle ugliest headlights worst blue new italian russian


Maybe that’s why it looks so strange. The rectangles are rimmed in chrome as if hampered by its revolutionary headlight shape. With the hood drooping like silly putty, it looks like the car is still wary of you with a pair of judgmental headlights staring at you.

Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Romeo Brera Spider

Via Auto Trader United Kingdom

Hey! Who removed my headlight cover? Anybody. The Alfa Brera comes like this. Three dots are recessed and seemingly unprotected, pointing under the hood. The hatchback coupe monstrosity looks like it’s about to leap into hyperdrive with its long nose and narrowed grille.

alfa romeo brera

via carpixel.net

A closer look reveals what looks like a recycled pewter mug holding the small halogen housing in place. What’s even stranger is that each of the lights has a different purpose, so looking down the barrel might irritate you with the inconsistency. Italdesign page pat on the back endlessly for its design of this Italian Chrysler Crossfire, only pausing to call the car’s coolest feature “hedonistic”: the scissor doors.

Nissan juke

Nissan juke

The Juke is such a crappy car that Grand Tour went to great lengths to make this hilarious segment reprimand him. Richard Hammon same call its headlights, “You see him on the highway with his stupid double bug eyes! Smug little ba-! ”The new Juke, apparently, is so ashamed of its headlights that they just smashed them into a small, flat line that seems entirely unusable.


Via: Wikipedia

But not soon enough. The slow, ugly, blub-like car tried to stand out by having a unique styling when it should have just taken after the Frontier and had a square front end. This is not the case. The signal lights stick a total of three inches above the hood so the driver can see whether they are on or not. Guess that’s something Juke pilots need.

TVR Tuscany

TVR Tuscan orange modified retro neo new black painted headlight kit europe england 1970


Some say the TVR Tuscan was the model for Mr. Increadible’s car, and we see why. The main difference is that a superhero cannot be seen driving with a vertical stack of three identical points. It was made between 1967 and 1971 in England and frankly we wish it didn’t.

via Wikipedia

If the road-sucking billet-style grille weren’t enough, the arrangement is even worse. For no real reason there are two normal headlights with a small one-third dot inside. The upper circle is a turn signal. Granted, the hood had a lot of potential. It was almost ahead of its time! It might even have been decent but that pesky little light remains … It’s not even a pattern!

Buick Riviera (Any of them)

1965 Buick Riveria Concealed Headlights Fake Grille Best Worst Worst American Classic


1965 Buick Riveria concealed headlights grille fake best worst ugliest american classic on


During the days of the grilles widening, the first generation Buick Riviera arrived in 1963 with headlights on the side of the front. They weren’t pop-ups or landlines. They were hidden by an even worse design than the Oldsmobile Toronado. It looks like a grille, but is the physical form clearly the edge of the bumper?

Buick Rivera 1999 silver lazy ugly headlights worst design


Within this generation, they released a sloppy fix for their hated headlights, creating little horizontal squares. Damn! Any generation until its end in 1999 is junk, ending up looking like a flat sloth. How it got so far is a mystery.

Hyundai Tiburon RD2

No, not R2D2 or Red Dead Redemption 2. You can tell it looks like a Celica, and it does. In fact, the four-headlight design was not uncommon, except for one it was a Hyundai and for two it did a lot worse. The Celica was not only a decent car, but it also handled its separate high beams better.

Hyundai Tiburon

Via moneyshake.com

The Tiburon made sure the location of the headlights could be found from the side doors via massive protrusions … or maybe they just made the rest of the car as low as possible? And for the grand finale, I would like to point out that even the Celica didn’t need five different ports for lighthouses totally different designs. Five!

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