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The Bug teams up with Moor Mother for a new single “Vexed”


The Bug teams up with Moor Mother for new single

Since the announcement of his next album Fire in July, British musician Kevin Martin, aka The Bug, released two songs to tease the record. “Clash” and “Pressure” are both released on the new album, which will be released this Friday August 27th via Ninja Tune. Today artist dubstep released his third and final single from the upcoming album, “Vexed”. The somg features poet and fellow electronic artist Moor Mother.

On her collaboration with Philadelphia-based musician Camae aka Moor Mother, Martin can only congratulate her: “When I asked Cam if she would use the platform to unleash her frustrations, she replied, all guns flamboyant with “Vexed”. ” The two artists have already worked together on the ZONAL album Destroy. The two have also toured together, which inspired Moor Mother: “Whenever I work with The Bug, I always think about the live performance aspect. So I wanted to do something that I knew would work really well in a live setting. “

Check out the new single below:

The track features harsh bass rhythms and the iconic voice of Moor Mother. It’s simple, in your face and with no excuse about it. Moor Mother’s songwriting skills become very clear during her performance throughout the track. It’s a hypnotic sound with a lot of fresh elements that makes The Bug’s single even more remarkable. Alarm-like sounds underscore the urgency of the trail.

Fire will be the artist’s first full album under the name The Bug in seven years after his 2014 record, Angels & Devils. His previously released track “Pressure” also features a collaborator, Martin’s longtime friend, Flowdan. The song was also recently followed by a music video, shot one day in east and south London.

Moor Mother will also feature on Jerusalem in My Heart’s new album, Qalaq, which will be released in October. She was also scheduled to perform at the now-canceled Basilica SoundScape.



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