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The first part of Andrew Bayer’s “Duality” has arrived

Andrew Bayer offers a glimpse into his brilliant mind on the first part of Duality, his latest album to land on Anjunabeats.

Of This is Artificial to his most recent works, In my last life and In my next Life, Andre Bayer has always been an artist who champions larger than life soundscapes filled with diverse elements from his vast influences. Now, after announcing her two-part album Duality on Anjunabeats and wow his fans at Above & Beyond Group Therapy Weekend just a few weeks ago, he dropped the first half for everyone to bask in.

Available now on all platforms, Duality (part one) begins the exploration of the struggle Andrew Bayer faced as he grew as an artist and a person. Centered on the indie-influenced side of the spectrum, it offered the first taste of what would be found on that portion with the release of “Equal” with Asborn earlier this summer. Its serene rhythm is dominated by beautiful vocals, but there is much more to dive into.

no silence” with Vok tracks Duality with an intro that builds with energy before faking listeners with a gentle fall into a vibrant beat with a stunning vocal performance taking center stage. This track helps set the trend for collaborations that fill the track collection, as Andrew Bayer works with others such as David Thomas Junior on “Speed ​​of light” and red dragons on “Matron.” He’s also teaming up with Asbørn for a second piece in the collection, “American boy“, which is quite a trick.

chaos», Andrew Bayer’s collaboration with Run the riversas well as its collaboration with OLANUnder pressure“, are two of the best found in the track list. “Chaos” is full of indie-pop elements that will have you dancing with it, while “Under Pressure” is a little more laid back. more unique to his sound with the piano”04/15/10 11:15 a.m. – Volcano“and loaded with strings”thank you for being with us” towards the end.

“‘Duality (Part One)’ explores the electronic ‘home listening’ music that I have always focused on for my previous albums, but with a different twist,” said Andrew Bayer providing additional insight into this part of the release. “I wanted to merge classic trance sounds with indie pop, which really tied the two parts of ‘Duality’ together.”

Listen to the first part of Duality on Spotify or your favorite platformand let us know your thoughts on these leads on Twitter!

Stream Andrew Bayer – Duality (part one) on Spotify:

Andre Bayer – Duality (part one) – List of tracks:

  1. No Silence (with Vök)
  2. Speed ​​of Light (with Dave Thomas Junior)
  3. Take Me Home (with MOR and Grandfather Machine)
  4. American Boy (with Asbjørn)
  5. Chaos (with Run Rivers)
  6. Matriarch (with Red Dragons)
  7. Under pressure (with OLAN)
  8. 04/15/10 11:15 a.m. – Volcano
  9. thank you for being with us
  10. Equal (with Asbjørn)
Andrew Bayer Duality Album

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