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The futuristic dimension of New Age music was introduced by Spanish electronic artist Hertzium

Enormally talented and up-and-coming electronic music artist Hertzium provided a new concept of AI (artificial intelligence) music with his meaningful creations. The artist came up with the idea of ​​producing music from a dystopian future. The artist’s tracks focus on rich rhythms and timeless music. The artist’s refreshing soundscape has added a new taste to all electronic music lovers around the world. The artist’s nodding designs include tracks like ‘Machine Learning’, ‘Relax’, and much more. The true implementation of technology and its proper use were showcased well with the artist’s tracks. The artist is associated with Label Name/Production House Hertzium Music.

the Spain Electronic Artist recently released their brand new four-track EP Machine Learning. The artist wins the hearts of the public and aspires to become one of the famous faces of the electronic music genre. The artist evokes a perfect mixture and a fluid composition of all the different electronic instruments played in his tracks. The hype-making and suspenseful beats bring a refreshing vibe that can make music lovers dance for joy. Some of the artist’s other works are “Deep Fake” and “Hacking”.

The artist has become a role model for many upcoming artists around the world. Inspired by humans, the artist sets an example for many with his amazing productions. Hertzium never took no for an answer and always listened to his heart and followed his passion for electronic music. The tracks of the artist ‘Machine Learning’, ‘Relax’ of his latest EP is available to listeners on all major music streaming platforms. Follow the artist on sound cloud, Spotify, Facebookand instagram for receiving all the latest updates regarding his upcoming releases and more.

To visit his SoundCloud profile, go through the links below:


Machine Learning: https://soundcloud.com/hertzium/machine-learning

Relax: https://soundcloud.com/hertzium/relax