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The Indiigo Child returns with the latest album “I’m Yours” feat. Luma: listen


The Indiigo Child returns with the latest album “I’m Yours” feat. Luma: listen

Back with a bang, The indiigo child just released his latest single ‘I’m yours‘with Luma. With a summery vibe surrounding this latest track, the San Francisco-based producer was able to capture all the right elements to deliver a song designed to make an emotional impact on everyone who listens to it. The addition of Luma’s enchanting voice elevates the track even more, making it one to definitely keep an eye out for!

Bringing a refreshing flair to the electronic dance scene, The Indiigo Child has blessed fans with an array of electronic synths and punchy beats. With each production, the New York native has the ability to engage and captivate the listener to want more, with his debut EP ‘Renegade traveler‘which had a huge impact on its release. As versatile as it gets, The Indiigo Child has made their mark one fiery track at a time, and this time it’s no different.

Focusing on the captivating voice of Luma, the New York native has made a name for herself with her vocals on signed electronic tracks on a range of labels, including In search of blue, Monster cat, Ultra, Prosper and Ophelia of the Seven Lions Records. With success following her every move, Luma has remained true to herself and her beliefs when writing songs, and in turn allows listeners to embark on a unique musical journey that offers an array of emotions about the current situation and song. Likewise, “I’m Yours” seeks to captivate the listener from the start, with the Indiigo Child himself declaring;

“The Indiigo Child and Luma come together to create a lush and eccentric track, designed to have a deep connection with the listener. Luma delivers punchy lyrics, to melodies from The Indiigo Child, that immediately evoke emotion. During these times of crisis, many experienced loss, and we wanted to create something that could inspire and heal. “

Providing all the right elements throughout the song, ‘I’m Yours’ is only meant for success. With Luma’s enchanting voice guiding the listener through the pause which then leads to a gentle dip, this track will leave fans begging for more from both artists. Now, you can check out “I’m Yours” on Spotify below, and also stream it to all platforms. here. Let us know what you think of that last tune in the comments section.

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