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The latest release of Base Guns Banjaare is the future of independent music


Base Guns’ latest release, Banjaare, is a journey of indie and electronic music.

Base Guns is a duo project made up of AshutoshWankhede and SumitThakare. They are music producers and DJs. Their sound is characterized by the fusion of EDM genres. Their latest release Banjaare is specially dedicated to Travelers, which begins with classic indie music using instruments like Harmonium, Sitar, Santoor, Tabla, Ghatam and gives way to an electronic drop. This composition is fascinating to the listener’s ear. The second half of the track opens with guitars that mix with the drums and bring you into the electronic drop. With a hint of experimental elements, ‘Banjaare’ is unlike any other track heard in the independent musical genre. Such a simple yet complex production of Base Guns shines throughout the track.

Banjaare’s first draft was recorded in Mumbai in 2017. Base Guns made changes to the first draft and changed the musical arrangement itself. It was recorded again 2 years later. This song lasted almost 3 years and deserves to be listened to.

Base Guns is one of the renowned artists in India. Their unique sound brings fresh vibes and stands out in the rankings. Ashutosh is also a lawyer (Bombay High Court, Nagpur Bank) and Sumit works in a multinational as Manager. To follow their passion for music, they stumbled upon EDM music for the first time in the huts of Goa. The duo became addicted to beats and started mixing with Virtual Dj. The journey started when they started their mixes and mashups. The musical arrangements of Base Guns when composing the music are the element that shines. They are well known for pumping bass in their music. They are music producers, composers and sound designers. Artist recordings and musical compositions are made at Base Guns Studios. They have occurred in some of the most prestigious institutions in this country like IIT Kharagpur, IIT Patna, IIM Raipur, IIT Mandi, ICT Mumbai to name a few before the pandemic. They have more music to release and we are looking forward to that. Their music is available on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes and all streaming platforms.

Basic guns: – https://li.sten.to/24xWb6C


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