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The time has come for “Armageddon” with Cyclops Recordings


Subtronics regularly recruits new troops to be part of their Cyclops army to prepare for Armageddon and now it’s all of us.

Subtronic ‘ Cyclops Recordings has certainly earned their medals in bass music over the past year or so, being at the forefront of everyone’s playlists as they find themselves in the dirt with dirty dubstep. Now the day of reckoning has come like Armageddon was released to the world. The Army of the Cyclops started to walk to the beat of every beat with the label’s latest compilation as the soundtrack. Not only will this collection of tracks help them keep pace, but it’ll also make them break rails along the way.

Armageddon goes nuclear, as the 18-track compilation offers a plethora of avant-garde underground sounds that will blow your speakers up. A highly organized group of new and old artists, such as Space assistant, Codd Dubz, JANDI, WARNED, Paper sky, Jeulzz, and many others. Two leads that immediately stood out among the rest include “Electric noodle soup,” with UBUR and Subtronic that shocks you in return, or “YIKES“of Psymbionic which will liquefy your brain cells.

True to the label’s mission, Cyclops Recordings recruited a handful of awesome artists for the collaboration to follow in the footsteps of other established artists. Newcomer Noisy represents itself strongly with its first release on the label dividing our balance with “Cyber ​​monkey“while other new faces include the likes of Echo drone and Evilnoiz. You will also want to “GO DOWN»Notes from new recruits Codd Dubz, Decimate, and Bommer as they bring your knees to your chest with fast beats and grungy bass.

The weird, wobbly vibe has really infected genres like riddim, experimental bass, dubstep, and trap lately – and Armageddon has that and more. Make sure to stream the compilation on Spotify or your favorite platform and join the coming revolution with Cyclops Recordings.

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Armageddon – List of tracks:

  1. UBUR ft. Subtronics – Electric Noodle Soup
  2. Codd Dubz ft. Decimate ft. Bommer – Take Down
  3. Paper Sky – Operator
  4. Cyclops ft. UPPER LEVEL – Shadow Spells
  5. Echo Drone – Bip Boop
  6. EVVDE – Hellrave
  7. Space Wizard ft. BLVNKSPVCE – Mind Fluid
  8. JANDI – Corruption cutter
  9. Psymbionic – Yikes
  10. WARNED – Rhythm of Death
  11. Izzy Vadim ft. Stoned Level – Startup Sequence
  12. Jeulzzz – The ax
  13. Sharploud – Cyber ​​monkey
  14. Pursue – Vandal
  15. Evilnoiz – Potion
  16. Nvctve – The New
  17. MUERTE – Summon the King
  18. SQISHI – Zipper pistol
Cyclops Recordings Armageddon

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