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Toronto’s new restaurant and dance venue is ‘theater-free’ so you can’t use your phone (PHOTOS)

What would a party be like without all the “cheering” boomerangs, Instagram photo shoots, and text conversations? Well, you can find out for yourself in this new Toronto spot that lets you relive the good old days when cell phones were in short supply.

Sub Division is an underground restaurant and electronic music venue located below the new Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Restaurant on King Street West.

Bar area at the sub-division.Courtesy of Branch

The bar, which briefly opened in late November 2021, has a strict no-cellphone policy, which means you’ll actually have to socialize with the people around you. After being closed due to closures, the sub-division reopened on March 11 and welcomed revelers without phones.

Interior of the subdivision. Courtesy of Branch

Inspired by restaurants and clubs around the world, the bar has two large communal tables and a dance floor where you can listen to music from local DJs. It has a “one-size-fits-all approach”, meaning there are no designated VIP areas or bottle service.

You can dive into an Izakaya-inspired menu and enjoy a wide variety of drinks on tap, or lose yourself in the music and truly live in the moment without checking your phone.

Bar area at the sub-division.Courtesy of Branch

So how exactly does the no-phone policy work? If you need to check your device, you can do so in the lobby. However, if you decide to pull out your phone while at the bar, don’t be surprised if a member of staff walks up and asks you to put it away. There’s also a strict no photography and no video policy, so however tempted you may be to grab that perfect Instagram shot, you’ll have to refrain.

Interior of the subdivision. Courtesy of Branch

At Sub Division, we want people to engage – with each other, the space, the music and the environment. Nothing kills a vibe more than people sitting on their phones, lighting up the area others are trying to enjoy,” founder Ryan Fisher said in a press release. “We encourage people to wear runners, t-shirts or whatever is comfortable, put their phone away and relax!”

The bar welcomes patrons 21 and older, and tickets can be purchased online with limited tickets available at the door.


Interior of the subdivision.

Courtesy of Branch

Price: Prices vary

Address: 461 King Street West, Toronto, ON

Why you need to go: Step back to a time when cell phones weren’t a constant distraction and enjoy the moment right here.