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Brisbane-based DJ and producer BADVOID whips up a mix that’s packed with tracks to energize your spirit and help you get through the week.

Artists who live in Australia continue to make major waves on the scene with their releases that captivate audiences around the world. While plenty of house and bass have surfaced in the island nation, other genres such as hard dance, indie electronic, trance and many more have also emerged. An artist currently rising through the ranks with his own dynamic mix of sounds is a Brisbane-based producer BADVOID.

Formerly known as Notorious CHRIS, BADVOID turned the script on its head with its futuristic blend of sonic elements when crafting this new era of its career – and it didn’t leave listeners disappointed. Inspired by artists like REAPER and Justin Hawkes, his previous releases featured a heavy offering of midtempo and electro influence as he roared into the new year dominating the speakers with drums and bass.

“The local scene in Brisbane is booming right now after the long periods of lockdown and nightclubs/festivals closures,” BADVOID said when asked about the state of his local scene. “The lockdowns have allowed me to spend the past two years fine-tuning my sound and transitioning my music to drums and bass.” The result of that time locked out came true when he dropped an absolute heat from a drum and bass track, “POISON” with OLSOto Kayzo’s welcome recordings.

POISON” is a fiery track that will immediately energize the mind, body and soul of anyone who listens with OLSO by adding an extra punch. To celebrate his release and further showcase his curating abilities as a DJ , BADVOID created a mix filled to the brim with their own originals and flips, as well as selections from Jiqui, COMBINE, Dimensionand more.

Listen to this exclusive BADVOID mix to get a taste of Brisbane sounds and stay tuned for more from this rising star on the scene by following him on social media.

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