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Turquoise Music makes stylish, genre-bending splashes on SoFlo’s EDM scene; new single November 22 – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports

Miami knows how to party, and with different musical influences, it’s no wonder it’s home to famous names in the music scene – from Rick Ross, Camila Cabello, Pitbull and Trina, to name a few. . Now, the Turquoise Music singer is making her way through the 305 music scene.

She’s not just blue. Nor is it lapis or cerulean. She’s actually Turquoise, and with a new single influenced by house and electronic dance music, we sat down with the rising star to talk about her style, because we already know her favorite color.

Turquoise Music (vocals): “Take my hand, let me take you.”

Miami local Turquoise Music is taking over the EDM scene.

Turquoise Music (vocals): “Give me what you got. Baby, get your shot.

She’s not afraid to drop sick 305-inspired beats.

Turquoise Music: “Miami is so full of culture, it’s so rich in different styles and genres of music that are embraced here. As an artist, I am the same. Somehow, I have fun in a bunch of different genres.

For her next single, “Long Time”, she is trying something new.

Turquoise Music (rap): “Leave the lights on, baby, leave the lights on.”

Turquoise Music: “I think the best part of creating this single was the space I was in, to just be able to sing, and for this particular single, I was able to just sing in my pure, natural voice. .”

While at the same time, it still has a lot of house music elements.

Turquoise Music: “It has a great melody, there are violins, but there is also a punchy base.”

Turquoise Music (vocals): “Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.”

Turquoise’s talents go far beyond singing and writing.

Turquoise Music: “I also edit and produce my own videos. I produce them, I write the treatments for them, I bring in the stylists, I bring in the designers, and I also do the CGI.

Talk about a woman with talent! The new song took a bit of inspiration from a few places.

Turquoise Music: “Influences for creating ‘Long Time’ were Nina Simone, obviously CeCe Peniston vocally, Robin S. I would definitely say Elton John just because of the writing style.”

As for how she wants her fans to feel after hearing her music…

Turquoise Music: “I want them to feel uplifted, I want them to feel loved and motivated, and know that anything they can think of, they can do.”

Turquoise Music (vocals): “Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…”

Turquoise’s single, “Long Time”, will be released on November 22.

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