Electronic dance

TWINSICK and Tyler Mann take you on a journey with ‘Get Mine’


TWINSICK is fast becoming one of the most exciting duos to emerge in the barracks of the American dance music scene. In college, the guys quickly racked up over 12 million views on YouTube with pre-set hits featuring their mashups and remixes, ultimately earning them official remixes for The Chainsmokers, Two Friends, and Telykast.

Now ready for take off, TWINSICK is releasing its best music to date and will perform at the biggest college parties in the country. Their exit ‘Get mine‘serves as an important demonstration of their development as a pair, and this production broadly focuses on raw understanding and propensity for producing contagious electronic music.

TWINSICK and Tyler mann takes you on a trip with ‘Get mine‘, as their common talents take you on a wonderful journey through their web of spiritual expression. Expect to be carried away by the relaxing and pleasurable vibrations as a wonderful piano melody guides you through the song’s introduction, before powerful vocals soothe your senses and the production takes hold. slowly build up with vibe and substance.

Before you know it, pinched riffs overwhelm you as they intertwine with the duo’s heady mix of fun and bouncy elements that end the production and deliver sheer bliss. Suddenly you come across a barrage of risers that merge into a drop that tingles your spine and carries you through the main body of the song. Overall, the duo have developed this dancefloor domineering into something that deserves a place in any main room, and with their image steadily increasing, the couple are sure to generate excitement as to what they’ll be dating. then.

TWINSICK have really hit it off since the start of their journey, as they’ve picked up a series of impressive releases supporting their image along the way. With outputs like ‘Jenny‘,’CHD‘, and their remix of’Someone else‘already distinguishing their names in the industry, they continue to impress and build an empire of loyal listeners. Keep an eye on TWINSICK this year as they continue to change the face of their musical field and send ripples across the stage.

Listen to the track below.