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“Feel Like This” – Matrino, Maciel & SIAS

San Francisco-based producer Matrino has just teamed up with Maciel and SIAS to share “Feel Like That,” an intimate house anthem filled with sultry vocal lines and tasteful production.

“Complicated” – Nyman & Nate Mitchell

Swedish producer and songwriter Nyman tapped Nate Mitchell to collaborate on his latest track, which masterfully combines electronic and pop influences into a cohesive and stunning mix.

“I can’t get enough” – jeonghyeon

Coming to Sovereign Records, jeonghyeon unveiled one of his most impressive singles to date with “Can’t Get Enough,” an uplifting house classic.

“loneliness” – Summit & reeka

Marking the lead single from Summit’s upcoming album, “solitude” alongside reeka provides a great showcase of what to expect with its organic instrumentation, intricate rhythms and soothing vocal lines.

“3 minutes 30 seconds” ft. Kyle Reynolds – Bloom Line

Booming producer Bloom Line returns with “3 Minutes 30 Seconds,” an infectious combination of pop and future bass, featuring a radio-ready first line from acclaimed writer and producer Kyle Reynolds.

Underground atmosphere | 077

Matrino, Maciel, Summit and more are featured on this week’s episode of “Underground Vibes.”

“A breath of fresh air” – AK

German musician AK once again brought his soothing house style to bitbird with “Breath Of Fresh Air”, which is driven by nostalgic synth work and groovy drumming.

“Rise Again” (Harris Cole & Somni Remix) – Afternoon Bike Ride

Straight after their 5-track collaborative EP Sirensprolific musicians Harris Cole and Somni have teamed up again to deliver a playful remix of “Rise Again” from the Afternoon Ride.

“Narrow” – sumthin, sumthin & Player Dave

Frequent collaborators sumthin, sumthin and Player Dave have teamed up again, combining their unrivaled talents on “Narrow”, an ambient and immersive bass track.

“Control” – WRCKTNGL & M!NGO

Bringing incredible darkwave vibes to the table, producers WRCKTNGL and M!NGO have joined forces on “Control,” a track that instantly hooks you with its massive basslines and immersive melodies.

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