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Utah singer helps write and record song dedicated to her overdosed brother


SALT LAKE CITY – A local singer and songwriter uses her voice to share a powerful message about drug addiction and the devastating effects it can have.

Emma Grace worked with acclaimed electronic dance music (EDM) artist Illenium on the song “Brave Soul”, dedicated to her brother Braden, who died almost three years ago from a drug overdose. He was 32 years old.

“Too young and an incredibly talented musician,” Emma said of Braden.

Music was their thing.

“When my brother passed away, I completely took music out of my life,” she said.

But eventually, she decided it was time to bring music back into her life.

“I see little signs here and there and I’m just like, ‘Damn, man, we’re doing this. It’s still me and you, even if you’re not there. It’s always us, ”Emma said.

The first time Emma heard the song performed live, in a performance by Allenium, the highlight was filmed.

“I wrote this song with Emma,” Illenium said from the stage. “She sings and she has the most beautiful voice ever. This is called “Brave Soul”.

Emma was moved to tears when she heard the song. She and her other brother hugged as the crowd raised their hands in the air.

“It has always been our dream, and it would be amazing if he was here to share this,” Emma said on Sunday in an interview with FOX 13.

The song has deep and personal meaning for the musical duo.

“To see someone you love so much struggle with the disease of addiction is heartbreaking,” Emma said. “That’s why we called the song ‘Brave Soul’, because we really believe, me and Illenium, that these are people who are so brave and who spend their lives fighting and fighting.”

The song reminds her of the one she lost – every song healing like music is meant to.

“I feel it all the time… Everything I do now in my music is for him,” she said.

Emma also hopes that her post can help others who are going through a similar situation.

“I just hope that people are able to become more vulnerable with each other, are able to connect more and are able to open up more discussion about addiction. So many people struggle with that, ”she said.

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