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Viligir and forsetî dive into their new imprint, World Tree Records

Viligir and forseti just launched a new imprint, World Tree Records, and dropped by to discuss his creation and debut single.

New footprints appear left and right in the scene, but few go beyond being vessels for artists to clap tunes to be consumed by the masses. Walk in World Tree Recordsa new imprint led by vilify and forgotten which was launched with the aim of adding more depth to the scene by centering its outputs in the fantasy realm.

Earlier this summer, the two artists hosted a special night in Seattle to celebrate the launch of World Tree Records, but that wasn’t all they had in store. This week they launched their new collaborative project, wild faewith “Fantasy” as the first version of the footprint. This new track sees Viligir and Forsetî take listeners into a vast desert soundscape with stunning Pastelle vocals to help take it to the next level. This is only the first chapter of the story that will arrive in the coming months, so keep your ears peeled for more.

Seeking to better understand World Tree Records and to dive a little more into the spirit of Viligir and forsetî, we met the two artists to discuss. Listen to “Phantasm” and read the conversation with these two creative masterminds.

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Hi forsetî and Viligir; thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today, and congratulations on the launch of World Tree Records. Let’s cut to the chase. Can you give us an overview of the foundations of this new imprint? What led to its creation?

Thank you very much for having us. When we first met, we realized that we both made very similar music sound individually, and neither of us really had a place to release it. We were living in two different states at the time, but were surprised to find out that we had both been making fantasy-inspired dance music for a few years. Later, we spat out ideas on how we could release the music, and it seemed more logical to team up and create a brand surrounding the whole sound.

In June, you officially celebrated the launch of the label with a party at Substation during the summer solstice dubbed “Ring One”. What was this experience like and what does the future hold for other World Tree events?

We wanted to encapsulate the feeling of entering a party in a fantasy world, a kind of tavern or a magical environment. We decorated the space with candles and greenery, magic lanterns that burned in blues and purples, and things that made the audience kind of forget where they were. We even gave all the guests elf ears, which we plan to do for future shows as well.

For our very first event, the turnout was great and the evening went exactly as we had hoped. Many people who came told us afterwards that they felt transported to a new realm, where they could lose themselves in the music. As for the future of World Tree events, we hope to maintain this standard and bring audiences into new and exciting worlds of sound.

Now, in August, you released your first track on World Tree, “Phantasm”. You teased the track with a behind-the-scenes video that dipped into its creation, but where did the decision to conjure the imagery of a desert come from?

The idea for the desert theme in Phantasm actually came as part of the concept for our upcoming album Fae Wild. The album is done in a way that tells a narrative story as you listen to it from start to finish. On the album, there are three desert-inspired tracks, three from the forest and three from the ocean. You will certainly hear the journey through these landscapes in the music when you listen to the album.

What is the story behind your work with Pastelle sur la piste? How did this relationship first form?

A few weeks after finishing production on Phantasm, Pastelle found forsetî’s Twitch stream while he was working on another song for our album. Coincidentally, she also happens to make fantasy-inspired music, which has sparked mutual admiration and curiosity for each other’s work. From there, we wrote the lyrics for Phantasm and sent her a melody idea, and she really brought the lyrics to life.

Viligir and forseti

Back to the label itself, do you plan to open it up to other artists for future releases, or will it be primarily a home for your tracks? How can others get involved in advancing World Tree?

We certainly plan to open World Tree to other artists in the near future. After the Fae Wild album, there will be a compilation album with many talented artists. We can’t name any at the moment, but it’s sure to be a great lineup. With the compilation, we want to give other artists a place to experiment with their sound and really explore the otherworldly aspect of fantasy-inspired dance music. And after that, we want to release EPs and albums from other artists besides ourselves.

World Tree is driven by your two passions for fantasy worlds, so can you shed some light on some of your favorite books or movies in this genre?

Vigor: It’s hard to pick favorites because the joy of fantasy is that the stories are all so unique. But right now, I draw most of my inspiration for my music from the stories I create with my friends who play Dungeons & Dragons. Nothing is more fun than telling stories in a group and exploring a fantasy world in real time with friends. I love the Legacy series of books (Eragon) for its interesting magic system and impressive dragons.

I grew up on the Lord of the Rings, and it’s one of my favorites because of how adorable the characters are. As a Slytherin, I couldn’t leave out Harry Potter That is. I think of all the fantastic stories; I would choose to live in the Harry Potter universe because the idea of ​​going to Hogwarts is just too cool to pass up. Maybe I could be a rare positive addition to Slytherin house, but you never know. I could also be the next evil genius.

forgot: My favorite fantasy world has always been Tolkien’s Legendarium. From my very first viewing of Return of the King at the cinema, I was addicted. Something about the stories told in the the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbitand Silmarillion evokes such a sense of wonder and awe and touches on both grand and humble themes that I can’t help but be utterly inspired every time I return to Tolkien’s writings or any of the great adaptations .

I’m also a huge fan of Frank Herbert’s classic novel dune. I’ll never forget how amazed I was at the world-building when I first read it. The cultures, language usage, ecology, characters, economy, government, and storylines are all fleshed out so convincingly. The Fremen people and culture especially scratch my itch for a thoroughly engrossing world-building. On top of all that, all of Herbert’s deep philosophical teachings are embedded in almost every sentence. To name a few that I love and could easily take on tangents Harry Potterthe Halo series, ghost in the shell, avatar the last airbendermany Ghibli movies, children of whales, demon slayer, A punch, Akira, angel egg, the witcher universe, and transmitted by blood.

Finally, where do you hope to take World Tree in the coming months and years? Are there any specific goals you would like to achieve?

In the future, we hope to see World Tree at music festivals, renaissance fairs and nightclubs. Wherever we are, we hope fans come with elf ears, cosplay, and potions ready to get lost in the music with us. It would be amazing to look outside and see a crowd full of dancing elves, stomping trolls and witches and wizards waving wands.

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