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Vin Diesel sings Hamilton song with daughter in sweet video


In a new Instagram video, Vin Diesel and his daughter sing a touching rendition of “Dear Theodosia” from Hamilton’s popular musical soundtrack.

In a touching new Instagram post, Diesel wine and her daughter sing “Dear Theodosia” from Hamilton musical. Diesel is best known for his portrayal of Dominic Toretto in the Fast Furious franchise, and for voicing Groot in the guardians of the galaxy movie theater. The actor is also expected to appear in the upcoming Avatar following. Outside of film, Diesel is also an avid singer and musician who has released several electronic dance songs, including “Days Are Gone” and “Feel Like I Do”.

Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical, took the world by storm in its first performance in 2015, and won 11 Tony Awards in 2016. The musical has since been performed in many cities across the United States in as part of 2017 and 2018 National Tours, and around the world. The musical’s massive success and critical acclaim also led to the creation of a filmed version that was released on Disney + in 2020. The Official Hamilton The soundtrack was also incredibly successful, and as of July 2020 had sold over 1.9 million copies, which is an almost unknown number in the genre.

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In a sincere new post on his Instagram account, Diesel wine and her daughter sing their own version of “Dear Theodosia” from Hamilton soundtrack. The song, which features heavy presets, plays to black-and-white video clips of his daughter riding a horse around a large property. In less than 24 hours since Diesel first posted the clip, it has been viewed more than 334,000 times. See the full video below:

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The post has already garnered a number of positive comments from fans, including one from acclaimed YouTube video essayist Patrick Willems, who wrote: “Wine this rules.“Other fans responded with heart emojis and praised Vin and her daughter’s singing voices. Fast Furious heavy franchise themes revolving around the importance of family with funny comments like “The horse is family” and “let me write: family.

While the actual musical quality of the cover may be up for debate, that doesn’t seem like the point of the article. Diesel, like Dom Toretto, seems to hold the family in high regard. The post looks a lot like a love letter to his daughter and a special bonding moment for the two of them. While it’s not clear if there is any other original Diesel music in the pipeline, this latest Instagram video suggests the Fast Furious The star is always very interested in the musical arts when she is not busy with her film projects.

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Source: Diesel wine/ Instagram

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