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Watch a breathtaking rope dance performance to electronic beats – The Calvert Journal


Who: Lithuanian circus artist Konstantin Kosovec has been an aerial acrobat since 2008. Staged especially for the Antidote community, which films electronic music in spectacular outdoor venues, the performance involved several collaborators, including light designers “AB Lights ”, conducted by Arvydas Buinauskas, and musician FUME, the nickname of Maksimilianas Opriška.

What: Endurance is a 30-minute gravity-defying chord performance made even more compelling by its meditative soundtrack – a mix of electronic beats and church bells, and a thundering light show. The live performance took place in Menų SpaustuvÄ—, Vilnius last August, and was redesigned for video with the support of the Antidote community.

What they say: “Today’s world demands a lot of us,” says music producer FUME. “We are constantly in a hurry, running, fighting for the unattainable and inevitably finding ourselves at the limit of our possibilities – the last year of the pandemic has proven that. He explains that the video is a reminder that, against all odds, “human beings are inspiring and enduring.”

Why should you watch: Kosovec’s hypnotic rope dance is a tribute to our physical and emotional potential. The elaborate play of light combined with the rhythmic thud of electronic music is enough to put you in an almost divine trance.


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