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What to expect over the next three weekends

Tomorrowland 2022: what to expect over the next three weekends

You can feel the magic in the air. The time has almost come. Thousands began their pilgrimage at Boom, Belgiumfor one of the biggest festivals of the year, Tomorrowland 2022. As the event prepares to celebrate the opening of its doors for the first time since 2019, there’s tons of excitement surrounding everything that will unfold over the next three weekends. Below is what those heading to the event can expect.

As many know, Tomorrowland 2022 will begin in the infamous Schorre Park, which spans approximately 38 square kilometers (9,390 acres). What festival-goers can expect, especially first-timers, is that the moment you step through the entrance, you’ll be transported to another world. With more than 15 stages and thousands of artists and activities, you will no longer feel like you are on Earth but in a world of tomorrow. This year’s theme is “Reflection of Love” so many areas inside the pitch will look like this idea, and judging by the leaks, it will play out in the future. Expect to be blown away by the size of the park and all there is to do inside. Take time to explore as it is a one of a kind atmosphere.

It probably goes without saying, but expect to be overwhelmed by the incredible design of each stage. Whether the Mainstage, Freedom Stage, Core Stage or all tag takeovers, prepare to be overwhelmed by how beautiful each stage is in its own right. Each structure presents its own story, with every detail of the scene having a purpose. The pictures don’t do it justice. Once you’ve seen every step with your own eyes, you’ll never want to leave.

The main thing is above all to prepare to be captivated by the greatest artists of electronic music. Because it’s Tomorrowland, each act will bring its best set. And this time there’s more performance than ever. This festival has become synonymous with creating all-time historic moments throughout its tenure, and now that Tomorrowland returns for the first time since 2019, that magic will be in full effect for the next three weekends. Acts such as Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Charlotte de Witte, Eric Prydz, Lost Frequencies and countless others will present performances that can truly only be experienced at Tomorrowland.

Expect to be part of the biggest Tomorrowland in history. Not only is the event returning, but they are bringing with them an unprecedented third weekend. Everything this year will be bigger than any previous edition. No matter who you see or what fun Tomorrowland 2022 activities you do, you’ll be part of the story of one of the best music festival experiences worldwide.

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Image Credit: Tomorrowland