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Wrestling Star joins fight in video for new Amon Amarth song

Amon Amarth has just announced his new album, The Great Heathen Armyand to coincide with the news, they’ve also dropped a music video for new single “Get in the Ring”, which features a cameo from AEW (All Elite Wrestling) star Erick Redbeard.

“I really like ‘Get In The Ring’ which was written for our friend Erick Redbeard the pro wrestler as an ‘entrance’ song for him,” guitarist Olavi Mikkonen comments on Amon Amarth’s latest track. “The lyrics are obviously written to fit both viking and wrestling themes,” he continues, “and you can also see Erick as the main character in the new video for the song. We shot the video in Wroclaw , in Poland, with our friends Grupa 13 and they helped us create this dark and epic film. madmax meets the super brutal underground Viking fight club for the music video.”

Amon Amarth fans might be surprised to see modern visuals in the music video, such as gas-powered vehicles, heavy guns, and industrialized buildings, but rest assured, that’s pretty much it. even Amon Amarth whom you have known for more than 25 years. The band lays down beefy rhythmic riffs against pervasive melodies that align perfectly with the thrill of a one-on-one battle.

Speaking about the album, singer Johan Hegg said: “Overall The Great Heathen Army is one of the heaviest albums we’ve done. There are some dark and heavy songs that are really powerful and in your face, but obviously we also have melodic songs from Amon Amarth, and some surprises too. It’s a really well balanced album. It sounds good. [Producer] Andy Snap is awesome. It was great to be able to work with him again. »

“We left to make new music and we’re back with a darker, more death-metal new album. If Berserker was our ‘heavy metal’ album, so The Great Heathen Army is our ‘death metal’ album. But having said that, it’s still very contemporary Amon Amarth, but maybe style-wise we’ve gone back to our roots a bit,” adds Mikkonen.

Watch the music video for “Get In the Ring” below and check out the album art and track listing for The Great Heathen Army, due out August 5 on Metal Blade, further down the page. To pre-order the album, go here.

Amon Amarth, “Get in the Ring” lyrics (via Genius)

You smile at me through lying teeth
Then you talk behind my back
You think I’m blind, that I can’t see
The mask you wear is starting to crack
Your words bore me to death
You are a wasp without a sting
When you’re done losing your breath
You can find me in the ring

Bring it on
If you dare
are you going to run
are you scared

I’m waiting here so come to me
Let’s fight man to man
If you run away your fate is sealed
Get in the ring, take a stand

The coward thinks he’ll live forever
If he avoids conflicts
But old age does not leave him in peace
Though spears may spare his life
The fool thinks he knows everything
As he sits in a sheltered nest
Lost for words when reality calls
As he is tested

Your slander shows your inner fear
Hiding behind words of spite
But the pagan law is clear
I challenge you to fight
Choose a blade, sword or ax
No matter what you bring
When the sun starts to shine
Come find me in the ring

Bring it on
Nowhere to hide
It’s time to face
Your disappearance

I’m waiting here so come to me
Let’s fight man to man
If you run away your fate is sealed
You will die by my hand

You are a dog without a bite
And your taunts are uninspired
It’s better that you stay up and fight
‘Cause if you run, you’ll only die tired

Amon Amarth, “Get in the Ring” Music Video

Amon Amarth, The Great Heathen Army Album cover + track list

Amon Amarth, “The Great Heathen Army”

metal blade

01. “Get in the Ring”
02. “The Great Heathen Army”
03. “Heidrun”
04. “Oden Belongs to You All”
05. “Find a way or make one”
06. “Dawn of the Normans”
07. “Saxons and Vikings”
08. “Skagul Ride With Me”
09. “The Snake Trail”

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