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You can still save 96% on iZotope Holiday plugin packs at Sweetwater – pay as little as $ 49


Somehow, these quick-witted iZotope developers always manage to stay one step ahead of their rivals, adding features that the company’s competitors simply can’t touch for. innovation and quality.

Lucky for you, Sweetwater has massive discounts on three huge iZotope packs as part of his Black Friday plugins blowout, allowing you to add serious functionality to your existing DAW at very low prices. And the best part is that the deal has been extended until December 31, 2021.

Whether you are already working on Ableton, Logic, Bitwig, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Cubase or any other JACKDAW, you will inevitably find that it is lacking in certain areas. DAWs are primarily creative tools that aim to make it easy for you to turn initially vague musical ideas into cohesive reality. What does iZotope bring to the party? In short, polish. Its quartet of flagships adds a quality sparkle almost impossible to accomplish with a single DAW.

RX will restore your loud sound to pristine condition, it is essential to get rid of hissing, buzzing, buzzing and other intrusive noises. Nectar transforms superb vocals into exceptional vocals. Neutron is a bunch of mixers in one plugin, bringing speed to your audio workflow and quality to your output. Finally, Ozone is a mastering tour de force which adds balance and clarity to your finished project.

But that’s not all. Each package – Gold, Platinum, and Diamond – is packed with audio enhancement plugins and additional creative effects. Read on to find out more details.

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Breakdown of the iZotope Holiday package

There is so much to offer here, even in the Gold Package, it quickly gets confusing. Let’s break down each software, one at a time. In each case, as the names suggest, the Elements and Plus versions are more basic than the Standard versions.

IZotope RX elements You will primarily use this plugin to remove hiss, buzz, and buzz, but it does a lot more. Annoying traffic noise? A barking dog? Hear them disappear with just a few mouse clicks.

IZotope / Standard Ozone Elements Studio-quality mastering made easy. Capture the tone and ambiance of any reference track and add generous width with the Imager plug-in. Output to specific targets such as CD and streaming.

IZotope / Standard Neutron Elements Professional mixing made easy – an intuitive and visual toolkit for creating your mixes. It hides awesome power behind an easy-to-use interface.

Nectar Elements / More The essential plugin for beautiful voices. Everything from the equalizer and de-essers to pitch correction, time correction and breath control.

Trash 2 Eat and distort your vocals, guitars, synths, and drums with a wide variety of textures and distortion algorithms.

Iris 2 The powerful spectral synthesizer that offers immense opportunities for sound design. Create sounds in the software or load your own samples and manipulate them until they take on a whole new character.

BreakTweaker Designed by electronic artist BT, this is the instrument if you like wild rhythmic effects. It combines three modules – a generator, a micro-editing engine, and a sequencer – and each package comes with a variety of sound expansion packs.

Stuttering Edit 2 Percussive stuttering effects can be extremely complex to create. Unless you have Stutter Edit 2. It does what it says on the tin, and a lot more.

Neoverb Apparently, if you combine exponential studio-grade audio algorithms with iZotope’s cutting-edge AI-assisted processing, you’ll end up with an ultra-powerful and ultra-versatile reverb plug-in. This is exactly what iZotope did when creating Neoverb.

R2 Iconic ’80s and’ 90s reverb sounds, presented in a simple plugin courtesy of Exponential Audio.

Excalibur Another plugin from Exponential Audio, this time a quiver full of effects. Four independent signal chains let you mix just about any effect you can think of in devastating and original combinations.

Phoenix verb This latest plugin from Exponential Audio delivers reverb with pristine tails, making artifacts and pitch variations a thing of the past. Originally a very popular plugin with film composers and sound designers, which is now finding favor with mainstream music producers.